The World’s Smartest Business Card

Smartphones are now in our lives with your business card, as in every field. Are you still using your business card in the classical way? Now, it's time to meet the world's smartest business card, designed in our Chicago studios, created entirely with "YMY - Domestic and National Software" and supported by Artificial Intelligence! Welcome to "Dijiname"

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Your communication with the entire business world has never been so charismatic!

We are all adapting to technology more and more day by day and we are becoming digital, so to speak. We now have a highly technological and digitalized business card in our lives.

It's called "Dijiname". Imagine that all your business card information reaches the other party's phone when you bring it close to a phone; or make your dream come true by getting a Dijiname Technological Business Card Just like the feature in contact free credit cards.


Features That Make Your Life and Business Agenda Easier!

NFC (NearFieldCommunication) is a contactless technology called Near Field Communication and found in all new generation smartphones. Does your phone have NFC technology? You can click the button to check it and see the whole list in detail.

User interact
User Interact
QR Code

Whether NFC or QR Code

Don't you have an NFC-enabled phone? Or is your phone a little old? Well, then all you have to do is open your camera and scan the QR code. If you have paid attention during all these processes, the person to whom you will give your business card information should be close to you in some way.

But what if you want to send this information to a remote person? Here, Dijiname offers a solution to this, and allows you to send the link of your business card to anyone you want, either via SMS, WhatsApp or email.


Social ve Business

Two separate profiles, two separate QR

Are you one of those who say that someone I just met should not see my personal social media information, but only my brand and institution's information? Then this feature is just for you! Because you have two separate profiles in Dijiname, Social and Institutional, and you choose which of your information will be included in which.


Traffic and Statistic

How Popular Are You?

Do you wonder how much interest everyone you send your card to your profile shows? Or how often does your staff use their card in your corporation? Or does your field staff actually use their card where it should be? Major statistics and some details will enable you to use your time and workforce more efficiently and contribute to performance improvement.

Ready card

Ready Card Model

First and Only in the World!

There is no other technology that comes pre-loaded with NFC and chips with their own profiles and works via URL without application! With its Dijiname Ready Card model, it leads the sector again and reaches you from all market places through its Dijiname Ready Card Model. Get a Dijiname now and have Diji too!

Ready Card

No Application!

Did you know that all systems that work without an application are extremely important in terms of protecting your personal data and working on any phone? Dijiname, which is not one of the applications you delete in order to avoid Gigabyte problems, works like an application over the URL, does not take up space on your phone and works well on all phones.

Registered Product

Registered interface and movement!

Our Dikiname brand is registered as icon gestures and business card UI. In addition, the utility model patent is also available in our product. You can enjoy this privilege to the fullest by purchasing a Dijiname business card!

Brand registration Design Registration

How is it used?

You can view the process of activating your card, issuing your card, publishing it in our video series, and you can easily start using your digital business card from the purchasing stage of your Diginame card.

You can ask your problems that you cannot solve with our video series via live support, and our customer representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

How is it used?

Choose Your Interface!

One of our registered and award-winning interfaces designed by the Dijiname creative team. choose what you want, start using now! Moreover, switch to another design whenever you want, set your own mood

Choose your digital world!

Examine the packages, choose the most suitable digital world for you or your institution, and have Diji!


3 Different Color Option

Ready Card + Tag

Ready to use contact free card + tag

Key chain

Contact free Chip Keychain

Special Design Tag

Special Design Contactless Tag

Ready Card

Ready To Use Contactless Card

Specially Designed Card

Contact free card with custom design and your name

Specially Designed Card + Tag

Card + tag together with custom design and name

Special Design Card + Special Design Tag

Special design and card with your name + special design tag

Ready Box

Together with ready card

Specially designed box

With special design card and your name

Gold Package

Card + tag in a gold gilded leather box

Gold Premium Package

Special card + special tag in a gold gilded leather box

Platinum Package

Card, tag, nfc key chain and nfc table pad in silver gilded printed leather box

Platinum Premium Package

Special card, special tag, NFC key chain and NFC table pad in a silver gilded leather box